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Heikkilä to tackle Arctic Lapland Rally in preparation for WRC Sweden

Mikko Heikkilä will be competing in the Arctic Lapland Rally this weekend. After a year’s hiatus from the snowy stages of the Lapland, Heikkilä challenges both the Finnish Championship front runners and foreign stars whilst preparing for the WRC Sweden.


Mikko Hekkkilä begins his competitive season with the traditional Arctic Lapland Rally this weekend. Driving the new Toyota GR Yaris Rally2, Heikkilä returns to the Polar adventure after focusing solely on the ERC last year. Heikkilä will be competing with TGS Motorsport with Kristian Temonen as his co-driver.


-It felt so weird last year to spectate from home as everyone else was driving here. This year we’ve luckily fixed this situation. Arctic Lapland Rally is a great event, and it’s really nice to be able to drive on these fantastic stages, says Heikkilä, who competes with number 4 on his Yaris.


Preparations for the rally weren’t up to Heikkilä’s hopes, and some slight changes are to be made during the shakedown. The Finn, wielding Michelin tires, feels confident about the changing conditions before the eve of the rally.


-The basics with the car seemed to be OK, but some changes are needed and will be adjusted during and after shakedown. As our time was limited, I’m not feeling totally confident after testing, but we hope to get the car more to our liking before the rally begins.


-Yesterday the weather was above zero, but there was no slush to be seen on the stages. There was a bit of gravel however, especially on the smaller roads of the stages, but we’ll manage them too.


After Arctic Lapland Rally, Heikkilä’s season continues with the WRC Sweden. Arctic Lapland Rally acts as a perfect test for the second round of the WRC calendar.


-Of course, every time we’re competing, we aim to win, so nothing has changed. However, the original idea was to practice here for WRC Sweden. A good rally and solid finish from Sweden is our main objective, but I’m looking to drive a good result from here too, Heikkilä states.


Arctic Lapland Rally is held in Rovaniemi, Finland on 2nd to 3rd of February. The rally consists of 12 special stages and 203,98 special stage kilometres. The rally can be spectated via’s YouTube livestream and Ralli SM’s live results.


Arctic Lapland Rally itinerary:


Friday 2.2. – 78,32 km

11:43 SS1 – Aittajärvi 1 – 24,18 km

12:56 SS2 – Mäntyvaara 1 – 3,50 km

15:19 SS3 – Siikakämä Kivalo – 27,13 km

16:32 SS4 – Kaihuavaara – 20,01 km

18:15 SS5 – Mäntyvaara 2 – 3,50 km


Saturday 3.2. – 125,66 km

08:43 SS6 – Aittajärvi 2 – 24,18 km

09:46 SS7 – Siikakämä – 26,15 km

10:59 SS8 – Ounasvaara – 1,65 km

14:02 SS9 – Sarriojärvi 1 – 32,00 km

16:05 SS10 – Patovaara – 7,28 km

16:38 SS11 – Kemijärvi – 2,40 km

17:41 SS12 – Sarriojärvi 2 – 32,00 km

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