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Heikkilä’s maiden ERC win crumbles to dust due to a broken wheel

Mikko Heikkilä was forced to retire from the lead of the V-Hid Rally Hungary due to a broken rim. The Finn was leading the rally with a 10,1 second margin before his retirement.


Finnish rally driver Mikko Heikkilä, co-driven by Kristian Temonen, has been forced to retire from the opening round of ERC, V-Hid Rally Hungary, due to broken  rim. Heikkilä, who had been fighting for the lead of the rally on Saturday ending the day on top, was on course for his maiden ERC win before disaster struck on SS10.


-First the wheel rim broke, and when the rim and tire departed from our car, the suspension broke as a result. I tried to go around the rocks during the stage, and the splits reflects that, but it wasn’t enough. There was no clear hit of any kind, and there was nothing I could have done differently, Heikkilä recapped.


Competing with the Toyota GR Yaris Rally2, fielded by the Italian team Step Five Motorsport, Heikkilä ended Saturday with a margin of 2,3 seconds. The rally-ending Sunday began with Heikkilä assuring everyone of his intentions to win, and complemented this by winning both of the morning’s opening two stages while furthering lead up to 10,1 seconds.


-Everything seemed to be in control despite the small troubles on Saturday. Despite driving carefully we ended up like this. We’ve had our fair share of disappointments before, and unfortunately the luck doesn’t seem to have turned for us, Heikkilä lamented.


European Rally Championship continues with Rally Islas Canarias on 2nd to 4th of May.

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