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Heikkilä’s debut with Step Five Motorsport was a total success

Mikko Heikkilä has won the opening round of the Italian Gravel Rally Championship. Finishing on top in the difficult conditions, Heikkilä opened his season well with the Italian team Step Five Motorsport. Heikkilä will be competing with the team in the ERC as well.


Finnish ERC driver Mikko Heikkilä and co-driver Kristian Temonen have won the opening round of Italian Gravel Rally Championship, Rally Citta di Foligno with a 40,9 second margin. The rally threw difficult conditions to the Finnish pair, but Heikkilä quickly rose to the occasion, winning eight out of nine stages total.


-It took the first leg to get around the varying levels of grip here. As the rain stopped for the second leg, we were able to push a bit more. On the third loop of stages the conditions became extreme with heavy rainfall. Especially on the last two stages there was a lot of water in the grooves. It was brilliant practice for these kinds of conditions in the future, Heikkilä said.


Driving his first rally together with Step Five Motorsport, the Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 driver is very happy to be working together with the Italian team.


-It was great to see how passionate, committed, and well organized the team is. A big thanks to the team. I knew the Rally2 Toyota to be strong on these stages, and the car truly showed its strenght in these difficult conditions. Our Michelins also worked brilliantly in all the varying conditions we saw today. A massive thanks to Kristian also, he is very good at his job and it’s a pleasure to work together with him in the future as well, Heikkilä thanked.


Making his debut on the Italian gravel stages, Heikkilä was greeted by a warm welcome by local rally fans. Heikkilä is eagerly looking forward to the next round of the series on 5th to 6th of April.


-Foligno gave us a warm welcome, and the people seemed to be excited for a new driver and a new car. The event was well organized, especially the ceremonial start on Saturday was very nice. A positive weekend overall, Heikkilä said.


Italian Gravel Rally Championship continues on 5th to 6th of April with Rally della Var D’Orcia. The European Rally Championship season begins the week after, from 12th to 14th of April with Rally Hungary.


Rally Citta di Foligno results:


1. Mikko Heikkilä 4:58,4 Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 FIN

2. Alberto Battistolli +40,9 Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 ITA

3. Umberto Scandola +1:34,6 Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo ITA

4. Matteo Gamba +2:22,9 Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 ITA

5. Jaakko Lavio +2:51,5 Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo FIN

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