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Heikkilä locked in on a fight for ERC Estonia podium

Mikko Heikkilä is fourth in the Delfi Rally Estonia after two competitive days. The Finn aims to regain the podium position, lost by 0.1 seconds at the day-ending super special stage.


Mikko Heikkilä and co-driver Kristian Temonen are fourth in the Delfi Rally Estonia after two competitive days. The Step Five Motorsport driver’s gap to the leader is 25,1 seconds. The special stage 6 winner’s day was a divisive one, and the Toyota-driver couldn’t be satisfied with Saturday.


-I’ve been pushing hard, but the local guys are pushing harder still. I don’t understand, the drive feels good, and the times are largely in the zone, but in three stages I lost 20 seconds of the 25 second margin. It’s strange how the time was lost on those three stages, and we need to figure out why that is, Heikkilä recapped.


Heikkilä was running third for most of Saturday, but the Michelin driver was dropped down to fourth by just 0.1 seconds at the day-ending Tartu Vald super special.


-We’ll keep on pushing hard and if it’s enough I’m happy. We aren’t giving up by any means. We also won’t be trying any setup changes to the car, and we’ll focus on driving as well as possible, Heikkilä promised.


Delfi Rally Estonia concludes on Sunday 7th of July. The rally can be watched via streaming service.


Delfi Rally Estonia overall standings SS10/14:

1. Robert Virves 1:03:41,1 Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 EST

2. Georg Linnamäe +1,0 Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 EST

3. Nikolay Gryazin +25,0 Citroen C3 Rally2 BGR

4. Mikko Heikkilä +25,1 Toyota GR Yaris Rally2 FIN

5. Mikolaj Marczyk +36,7 Skoda Fabia RS Rally2 POL


Delfi Rally Estonia schedule


Sunday 7.7. – 68,32 km

09:34 SS11 – Otepää 1 - 12,85 km

10:35 SS12 – Kambja 1 - 21,31 km

12:56 SS13 – Otepää 2 - 12,85 km

15:05 SS14 – Kambja 2 - 21,31 km Power Stage

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